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In Buenos Aries, tango forms a vast reservoir of urban folklore and mythology relating to the immigrant population that filled the city in the second half of the 19th century. Many of the immigrants came from Spain, Italy and other parts of Southern Europe, where the musical narrative traditions had been a central part of country life for many centuries. Outside of Buenos Aries these traditions evolved a unique musical folk culture; however in the tenements near the port of Buenos Aries these traditions helped give rise to the musical expression of passion that is tango today.

History books speak a great deal about the stirring times, but the soul of tango cannot be contained in the rationalism of print. It is only in its musical form, through its lyrics and dance, that tango brings to life the thoughts, feelings and memories of the countless individuals who were drawn to the poor quarters of the city of Buenos Aries in these turbulent years.

The intense environment that formed the culture of the arrabal* in the early 20th century shaped tango as its musical life-force. It is a culture that continues to grow and evolve and Juanjo is a testimony of this evolution, while keeping in tune with the most strict Buenos Aires tango traditions." Allan Armstrong

Juanjo is a singer/producer from Argentina that has worked with many of the legendary tango directors and singers from Buenos Aires. He now brings his unique blend of knowledge, energy and musicality that only this kind of immersion can provide, and that tango dancers love so much.



I recorded "Tango de bute" in Argentina and I am accompanied by elite tango musicians from Buenos Aires. The album features original arrangements by Carlos Buono, (yes, the guy who's Adios Nonino with Andre Rieu has more than 13 million views on FB) who is also featured here on bandoneon. Carlos has been part of legendary orchestras like those of Alfredo Gobbi, Mariano Mores, Horacio Salgan, and worked as musical director and arranger in albums of Alberto Podesta, Roberto Goyeneche, Adriana Varela and at tango venues like the Piazzolla Tango, El Viejo Almacen and Michelangelo. So as you can see, I am in very good company.

On the CD's booklet I provide context to the tangos, their authors, and the text comes in English and German. It also comes in digital format when you buy the whole album as a download from Itunes.

"Tango de bute" is a really nice album to dance to. I produced the album with dancers in mind and I always get great feedback from them at milongas in UK and abroad.

"Juanjo is a wonderful singer who sings for the dancers. Not only that, he also has a breadth of knowledge about his songs
which he passes on to his audience. I thoroughly commend him to you." Tom Nickson, El Amanecer Tango Club

“I thoroughly enjoyed dancing to such a wonderful and expressive voice.
I’m looking forward to dancing to you again soon.” Denise Astbury

"Juanjo sings the most authentic tango and possesses the most
precious skill for us dancers: he sings for us, with us" Jocelyne La Rosa Tango

"Absolutely Wonderful! " Irina Laravita, Strictly Come Tango

If I haven’t done it yet, I hope I will be performing at a venue near you soon. In the meantime you can order TANGO DE BUTE now from your favourite music store. Juanjo