..Juanjo Lopez Vidal
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Juanjo was born in El Once neighbourhood of Buenos Aires and into a family of tango aficionados. At age twelve he taught himself to play guitar and started singing with his older brother. In 1979 their duo was signed by RCA Victor record label in Argentina where they worked with Piazzolla's guitarist Horacio Malvicino and under the artistic direction of Grammy winner Julian Navarro(Julio Iglesias).

In 1989 Juanjo toured Spain, later settling down in Granada. Here he continued performing, producing music and working as engineer/producer and consultant for all international festivals in the city, including 7 editions of the "Festival Internacional de Tango de Granada" and a "Tango World Summit" until he relocated to United Kingdom in 1997. He became co-founder and board member of The Music Producers Guild UK (MPG) for a number of years, he also devoted part of his time to teaching music production and running his own commercial recording studio.

During his career as producer and engineer, Juanjo worked for some of the most influential tango artists in the world. These include emblematic tango directors like Osvaldo Pugliese, Horacio Salgan, Leopoldo Federico, Atillio Stampone, and most importantly for him, some of the best singers of the Golden Age, like Alberto Podesta, Paya Dias, Roberto Goyeneche, Roberto Rufino, Carlos Acuña, Jorge Valdez y otros. These experiences gave him a unique perspective to the way the legends and long established interpreters of the genre work.

"The opportunity of working live, being able to talk and share experiences with such legends impacted on my understanding of tango, reverberating with my own life experiences of growing up in Argentina. They have fuelled my passion and shaped the way I interpret tango today "

Most recently Juanjo has collaborated with Edinburgh’s Mr McFall’s Chamber Orchestra, The Netherlands’ international orquesta tipica “Tango Masivo”, leading UK group “Tango Siempre”, the “London Tango Orchestra” and "Los Mareados Tango Quartet", while doing solo performances at milongas throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.