Juanjo Lopez Vidal

Tango De Bute

  "... a beautiful, exciting album with pure quality and passion. Delicious." Moors Magazine


"... piano, bass and bandoneon, along with the intense vocal parts, transport the listener to the smoky milongas of Buenos Aires, where a nod is enough to unleash the slow seduction of the dance." IBS.it


“The voice is beautiful, the accompaniment is excellent, the choice of songs is also... a very good CD” Michel Bedin - On Mag.fr

Tango De La Docta

‘La Docta’ is the nickname of the city of Cordoba, the geographical heart of Argentina.


"This  album was recorded ‘a la parrilla’ - 'on the spot", as tango was originaly born. However, here is an evolved way of playing ‘a la parrilla’ that incorporates all the influences that made modern Tango.  This, coupled with a strong and emotional vocal performance by Juanjo Lopez Vidal, it captures the spirit with which tango was born in the patios of the old tenement houses of Buenos Aires."

Maria de Buenos Aires

"Delphian’s new recording, the first for nearly 20 years, features the Edinburgh-based Mr McFall’s Chamber, longtime Piazzolla champions and excellent interpreters of his work... there are suave violin solos, and dexterous guitar and piano riffs. Rhythms are crisp and precise throughout, and the pristine sound brings out plenty of sharply focused instrumental detail... Juanjo Lopez Vidal makes a fine Duende, incantatory in his declamation and engrossed in the story he is telling" Gramophone Magaazine

The singer and producer Juanjo Lopez Vidal was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At twelve, he taught himself to play guitar and started singing with his older brother. In 1979, their duo was signed by RCA Victor, where they worked with Piazzolla’s guitarist Horacio Malvicino and under the artistic direction of Grammy Award winner Julian Navarro. In 1989, Juanjo toured Spain, later settling in Granada where he performed and worked as an engineer/producer and consultant for all the international music festivals in the city, before relocating to the United Kingdom. He was co-founder and board member of the Music Producers Guild (UK). During his career as a producer and engineer, Juanjo has worked with some of the most influential tango directors, and most importantly for him, some of the best singers of tango’s Golden Age, including Alberto Podesta, Paya Dias, Roberto Goyeneche, Roberto Rufino, Carlos Acuña, Jorge Valdez and many others, not least Horacio Ferrer. These experiences have given him a unique perspective on the work of the legends and long-established interpreters of the genre.


Juanjo lopez vidal

Tango Argentino
The Guardian ****

The Guardian

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