Juanjo Lopez Vidal

Tango De Bute

In this work Juanjo is accompanied by some of the best tango musicians in Buenos Aires. Carlos Buono,  who is featured here on bandoneon, has previously worked as musical director and arranger for Roberto Goyeneche, Raúl Lavié, Adriana Varela, Alberto Podestá and for tango venues like the Piazzolla Tango, El Viejo Almacén and Michelangelo. He has also been part of legendary orchestras like those of Alfredo Gobbi, Mariano Mores, Horacio Salgán, Osvaldo Tarantino, Osvaldo Berlinghieri and Atilio Stampone to mention just a few. 

Tango De La Docta

‘La Docta’ is the city of Cordoba in Argentina. Juanjo lived there a great part of his adult life. When he recorded this, tango did not have a place to grow and flourish. Perhaps this is why this record never properly saw the light of day before. Today again the genre finds a fertile soil in Argentina and around the world, after a depression that lasted for more than a generation. Juanjo recorded the entire album (minus his new vocals) live in his studio in Cordoba. It was done in a style called “a-la-parrilla” (on-the-grill) in the tango jargon.

Maria de Buenos Aires

This work represents the very summit of Piazzolla’s nuevo tango and, as such, also represents a coming together of twenty years of the group’s programming of his music, from its very earliest days at the old Bongo Club.

Directed from the bandoneon by Victor Villena, the performance also features tango singer Juanjo Lopez Vidal as el duende, the narrator of the colourful spoken text by Horacio Ferrer, as well as Nicholas Mulroy as un payador and Valentina Montoya Martínez as María herself. With Mr McFall's Chamber.

The singer and producer Juanjo Lopez Vidal was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At twelve, he taught himself to play guitar and started singing with his older brother. In 1979, their duo was signed by RCA Victor, where they worked with Piazzolla’s guitarist Horacio Malvicino and under the artistic direction of Grammy Award winner Julian Navarro. In 1989, Juanjo toured Spain, later settling in Granada where he performed and worked as an engineer/producer and consultant for all the international music festivals in the city, before relocating to the United Kingdom. He was co-founder and board member of the Music Producers Guild (UK). During his career as a producer and engineer, Juanjo has worked with some of the most influential tango directors, and most importantly for him, some of the best singers of tango’s Golden Age, including Alberto Podesta, Paya Dias, Roberto Goyeneche, Roberto Rufino, Carlos Acuña, Jorge Valdez and many others, not least Horacio Ferrer. These experiences have given him a unique perspective on the work of the legends and long-established interpreters of the genre.


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